Who We Are

The Ratty is only possible thanks to the efforts of our editors, who (currently) volunteer their time to work with authors to develop their public scholar voices. These fine people are responsible for everything from copy editing to dreaming up new special issue themes. Interested in joining our team? Get in touch!

E.L. Meszaros

Managing Editor

E.L. is a PhD student in the History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity. She loves ancient math and astronomy, public scholarship, and modern circus arts.

Sara Mohr

Managing Editor

Sara is a PhD student in Assyriology and certificate student in Public Humanities. Ask her about digital humanities, ancient secrecy, and endurance sports.

DHANANJAY “Jay” Bhaskar

Content/Copy Editor

Jay is a postdoctoral research associate at Yale. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Brown. He is passionate about interdisciplinary research combining his interests in Biology, Data Science and Applied Mathematics. When he is not preoccupied with transforming coffee beans into code, he enjoys biking, swimming and messing around with retro video games

Sam Butler

Content/Copy Editor

Sam is a PhD student in the Ancient History Program. He came to Brown from Philly by way of Chicago. His research focuses on identity formation and the use of writing in the ancient Mediterranean world. He can often be spotted dodging cars while running around Rhode Island.

Michaela S. Carroll

Content/Copy Editor

Michaela is an MPH student at the school of Public Health. Her research interests include health disparities and health economics, specifically focusing on maternal health in the postpartum period. She is originally from Rhode Island and spends most of her free time running with her dog, reading anything she can get her hands on, and creating functional wheel-thrown pottery.

Sarah Christensen

Content/Copy Editor

Sarah is a PhD student in the History Department, focusing on Viking Age migration. Originally from San Francisco, she has worked in book publishing and the travel industry, and confounded the language centers of her brain with the study of several long-dead tongues. Her research is really an excuse to spend as much time as possible hiking on windswept islands.

Madison Paulk

Content/Copy Editor

Madison is a PhD student in Anthropology and a certificate student in Public Humanities. Her fieldsite is in sunny Durban, South Africa where she works with independent black artists. Madison is passionate about drinking wine, maintaining her NYT Crossword streak, getting eight hours of sleep, and kayaking.

Len Sprague

Content/Copy Editor

Len is a chemistry graduate researcher, summer instructor and writing consultant at Brown University. When not glued to a computer probing new materials for carbon dioxide reduction, Len is likely to be found cooking or climbing, albeit not at the same time. As an enthusiast of cuisine, culture and the outdoors, Len also hopes to find more opportunities to travel and write. Twitter (science/academic) & Instagram (food): @lensprague



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